Adjustable motion reproduction for transferring different objects using hybrid position/force control

Noboru Tsunashima, Seiichiro Katsura

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This paper proposes a method for recording and reproducing of human motions with a different target object. A bilateral control is known as one of the effective methods to achieve recording and reproducing human motions based on both position and force information. However, it is known that robustness for a different environment is decreased by adding the force information to the recorded motion information. In this paper, we focus an application of "peg-in-hole", and our goal is to reproduce the recorded motion even if material of a target block is different. First, information of the actuators are transformed into motion-modal space to treat human motion as one system. Then, we propose a reproduction method which omits the effect of force information from a target object. In the focused application, the applied force during the target object and external environment is important. By the proposal, the contacting force is modified and force difference on the basis of material different is compensated. Validity of the proposal is verified by experiments. By the proposed method, the recorded motion is reproduced even if weight and friction of the target object is different.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)870-877
Number of pages8
JournalSeimitsu Kogaku Kaishi/Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • Acceleration control
  • Bilateral control
  • Hybrid control
  • Motion reproduction

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