Characterization of a liver metastatic variant of murine colon 26 carcinoma cells

Yasuharu Ohnishi, Hideki Fujii, Fuminari Kimura, Jun Murata, Kenji Tazawa, Masao Fujimaki, Yuji Sato, Masao Kondo, Yoshie Une, Junichi Uchino, Ikuo Saiki

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Intraportal vein injection of highly metastatic L5 cells consistently resulted in liver metastases (increases in the number of tumor colonies in the liver), whereas inoculation of P cells rarely did. L5 cells invaded the basement membrane Matrigel in greater numbers than did P cells, suggesting that the metastatic potential of L5 cells is partly related to enhanced invasive properties. The enhanced adhesion of L5 cells to fibronectin-, laminin- and Matrigel-coated substrates, as well as their haptotactic migration to fribronectin, may be associated with the preferential expression of VLA-2 and VLA-4 integrins on the surface of these cells detected by flow cytometry. Gelatin zymograms showed that the degradative activity of 72-kD gelatinases was greater in L5 cells than P cells. These results indicate that, in addition to adhesiveness and motility, the invasive ability of L5 cells may also be attributed to enhanced gelatinolytic activity. L5 cells grew more rapidly than P cells in vitro. Thus, an experimental model using highly metastatic colon 26 L5 cells would be useful for analyzing the molecular mechanism of liver metastasis and for evaluating the efficacy of treatment of occult micrometastases which may already have been disseminated at the time of surgery.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)113-122
Number of pages10
JournalTumor Biology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1997 Jan 1
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  • Colon carcinoma
  • Invasion
  • L5
  • Liver metastasis

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