Climate change and local level disaster risk reduction planning: Need, opportunities and challenges

S. V.R.K. Prabhakar, Ancha Srinivasan, Rajib Shaw

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The field of climate change is full of uncertainties that are limiting strategic disaster risk reduction planning. In this paper, however, we argued that there is lot to do before we get our hands on reliable estimates of future climate change impacts. It includes bringing together different stakeholders in a framework suggested in this paper, developing case studies that reflect long-term local impacts of climate change, capacity building of local stakeholders that enables them to take decisions under uncertainty etc. We proposed a simple scheme that brings together climate, disaster and policy community together to start a dialogue in a run-up to understanding wider aspects of long-term risk reduction at local level. Strategic thinking, which has only been restricted to national and regional planning to date, needs to be inculcated in local level disaster risk reduction and policy personnel as well. There is a need to move from the attitude of considering local level players as 'implementers' to 'innovators' for which developing a network of self learning and evolving organizations are required at the local level.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)7-33
Number of pages27
JournalMitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2009 Jan
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  • Climate change
  • Climate task group
  • Local disaster risk reduction planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Uncertainty

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