Coatable 2D Conjugated Polymers Containing Bulky Macromolecular Guests for Thermal Imaging

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Dynamic properties are derived from the structural flexibility of 2D polymers. Softening layered structures has the potential for tuning and enhancing the dynamic properties. In the present work, the flexibility of layered polydiacetylene (PDA) is tuned by the interlayer polymeric guests with different branching structures. PDA shows thermoresponsive color-change properties through shortening the effective conjugation length with molecular motion. Whereas the blue-to-red color transition is observed at certain threshold temperatures for the layered PDA without the interlayer guest, the intercalation of the bulky polymer guests lowers the starting temperature and widens the temperature range for the thermoresponsive color changes. The resultant layered composite of PDA and bulky polymer affords the homogeneous coating on substrates on the centimeter scale. The thermoresponsive color-change coating is applied to temperature-distribution imaging. The specific heat of liquids is colorimetrically estimated using the coating on the bottle. The coating on a silk cloth visualizes the temperature distribution on a simulated tissue during surgical operation using an ultrasonic coagulation cutting device. The coating can be applied to thermal imaging in a variety of fields. Moreover, the softening strategy contributes to explore dynamic properties of soft 2D materials.

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JournalACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Issue number38
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Sept 28


  • 2D polymers
  • coating
  • conjugated polymers
  • intercalation
  • layered materials
  • thermal imaging

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