Comparison of long-term outcome of penetrating and deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty

Sayaka Adachi, Yoshiyuki Ichihashi, Tetsuya Kawakita, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Miki Uchino, Shigeto Shimmura, Kazuo Tsubota

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Purpose: To report and compare the long-term outcome of penetrating and deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty. Cases and Method: This retrospective study was made on 36 cases who received keratoplasty by a single surgeon during past 10 years. The series comprised 27 males and 9 females. There were 25 eyes of keratoconus, 7 eyes of corneal leukoma, and 3 eyes of corneal degeneration. Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty was performed on 21 cases and penetrating keratoplasty on 21 eyes. Cases were followed up for 2 to 10 years, average 5 years. Results: Final visual acuity averaged 0.72 after lamellar and 0.85 after penetrating keratoplasty. There was no significant difference. Spherical equivalent of refraction showed a tendency to myopia with no difference between the two groups. Corneal endothelial cell density decreased by 11.0±6.6% immediately after lamellar and 59.5±29.0% after penetrating keratoplasty (p< 0.01). Conclusion: There was no difference in visual function and safety between deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty and penetrating keratoplasty for 2 years or longer.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)85-89
Number of pages5
JournalJapanese Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Jan 1

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