Computed tomography–based 3-dimensional preoperative planning for unlinked total elbow arthroplasty

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Hypothesis: Three-dimensional (3D) surgical planning for unlinked total elbow arthroplasty (TEA) would be helpful for estimation of the implant size and accurate placement of implants. Methods: We included 28 patients who underwent TEA with an unlinked total elbow implant in this study. All patients underwent computed tomography scans of the elbow before surgery, and a 3D digital model of the elbow was reconstructed. After the appropriate size and position of the prosthesis were determined, 10 points around the bone tunnel (4 on the humerus and 6 on the ulna) were measured to plan the insertion of the humeral and ulnar stems. Two-dimensional planning was also performed using anteroposterior and lateral radiographs. Intraoperatively, the surgeon measured the planned parameters using a slide gauge to reproduce the 3D planned position of the stem insertion. Results: The stem sizes were accurately estimated in 57% of patients for the humerus and 68% for the ulna with 2-dimensional planning and in 86% for the humerus and 96% for the ulna with 3D planning. The mean differences between the positions of the prostheses after surgery with reference to the planned positions were 0.8° of varus and 1.5° of flexion for the humeral component and 0.7° of varus and 2.9° of flexion for the ulnar component. We did not evaluate rotational positioning in this study. Conclusions: The 3D surgical planning allowed accurate estimation of the implant size and appropriate placement of implants. This method may contribute to a reduced incidence of complications and improved long-term outcomes from TEA.

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JournalJournal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
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