A. G. Fraser, R. M. Metcalfe, P. M. Karp, E. Akkoyunlu, A. Bernstein, R. Schantz, D. J. Farber, K. C. Larson, S. Krevsky, L. H. Wagner, A. P. Brogle, N. E. Willmorth, C. A. Strom, R. K. Walker

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Following is the continuation of the list of titles and authors: Communications Interface for Digital Computers. By A. G. Fraser. Strategies for Interprocess Communication in a Distributred Computing System. By R. M. Metcalfe. Data Sharing Using Interprocess Communication on a Computer Network. By P. M. Karp. Operating System for a Network Environment. By E. Akkoyunlu, A. Bernstein and R. Schantz. Structure of a Distributed Computing System - Software. By D. J. Farber and K. C. Larson. Global Digitally Switched Communications System Evolution. By S. Krevsky, L. H. Wagner and A. P. Brogle. Economies of Scale and Distributed Intelligence. By N. E. Willmorth. Distributed Computer-Communications Networks. By C. A. Strom Jr. and R. K. Walker.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1972
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