Constituents of the Seed of Malva verticillata. III.1) Characterization of the Major Pectic Peptidoglycan and Oligosaccharides

Ryoko Gonda, Masashi Tomoda, Mieko Kanari, Naomi Yoneda, Towako Shimizu, Keiko Shigeshiro, Tomomi Yazawa

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The major pectic peptidoglycan, designated as MVS-V, was isolated from the seeds of Malva verticillata L. It was homogeneous on electrophoresis and gel chromatography. It was composed of about 43% polysaccharide and 57% protein moieties, and its molecular weight was estimated to be 22000. The polysaccharide moiety was isolated, and found to be composed of L-arabinose: d-xylose: D-galactose: L-rhamnose: D-galacturonic acid in the molar ratio of 6: 5 : 3:8 : 24. One-sixth of the D-galacturonic acid residues exist as the methyl esters. 0-Acetyl groups were identified, and the content amounted to 3.3% of the polysaccharide moiety. Methylation analysis of the carboxyl-reduced derivative, nuclear magnetic resonance, periodate oxidation, and partial hydrolysis studies enabled elucidation of the structural features of the polysaccharide moiety. It is a pectic substance having a rhamnogalacturonan backbone with arabinoxylogalactan side chains. Several oligosaccharides belonging to the raffinose family were also isolated and identified from the seeds.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2790-2795
Number of pages6
JournalChemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 1988


  • MVS-V
  • Malva verticillata
  • oligosaccharide
  • pectic substance
  • peptidoglycan
  • polysaccharide moiety
  • raffinose family
  • seed
  • structural feature

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  • Drug Discovery


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