Cubital tunnel release with lift-type endoscopic surgery.

Y. Nakao, S. Takayama, Y. Toyama

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A new technique of endoscopic release of the ulnar nerve at the elbow was designed for cubital tunnel syndrome. After three 5 mm incisions were made along the line of the ulnar nerve, the skin and subcutaneous tissue were lifted up using a fine tape to produce a provisional space. An endoscope was inserted through the one incision, and the constricting ligaments and fascia were released using a retrograde knife inserted through the other incision under endoscopic vision. Eight patients were treated using this method, and successful results were achieved. No neurovascular complications occurred, and all pre-operative complaints were resolved within three weeks. Our surgical series indicated an earlier return to work and daily activity due to early healing of incisions and minimal post-operative pain.

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