Enhancing engagement behavior using Shikake

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Marketing communication has recently become increasingly interactive due to the widespread use of social media and requires wider participation by consumers. One method that facilitates this interaction is Shikake, which is defined as a trigger for behavior change. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the effectiveness of Shikake with respect to enhancing customer engagement behavior, which is defined as customers’ behavioral manifestations that have a brand or firm focus, beyond purchase, resulting from motivational drivers. This paper introduces various approaches that can be used to trigger customer engagement behavior, such as brand relationships, behavioral economics, and human–computer interaction, emphasizes the power of design framing and triggers, and attempts to classify Shikake in the field of marketing according to participants’ motivation and consciousness. Finally, the paper attempts to reveal Shikake’s key success factor in the field of marketing and discusses future research opportunities.

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JournalAI and Society
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  • Shikake

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