eRP arrangement: A strategy for assembled genomic contig rearrangement based on replication profiling in bacteria

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Background: The reduced cost of sequencing has made de novo sequencing and the assembly of draft microbial genomes feasible in any ordinary biology lab. However, the process of finishing and completing the genome remains labor-intensive and computationally challenging in some cases, such as in the study of complete genome sequences, genomic rearrangements, long-range syntenic relationships, and structural variations. Methods: Here, we show a contig reordering strategy based on experimental replication profiling (eRP) to recapitulate the bacterial genome structure within draft genomes. During the exponential growth phase, the majority of bacteria show a global genomic copy number gradient that is enriched near the replication origin and gradually declines toward the terminus. Therefore, if genome sequencing is performed with appropriate timing, the short-read coverage reflects this copy number gradient, providing information about the contig positions relative to the replication origin and terminus. Results: We therefore investigated the appropriate timing for genomic DNA sampling and developed an algorithm for the reordering of the contigs based on eRP. As a result, this strategy successfully recapitulates the genomic structure of various structural mutants with draft genome sequencing. Conclusions: Our strategy was successful for contig rearrangement with intracellular DNA replication behavior mechanisms and can be applied to almost all bacteria because the DNA replication system is highly conserved. Therefore, eRP makes it possible to understand genomic structural information and long-range syntenic relationships using a draft genome that is based on short reads.

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JournalBMC Genomics
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Publication statusPublished - 2017 Oct 13


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