Experimental Methods in Language Acquisition Research

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The current volume provides an important and interesting reference for linguists interested in knowing which types of data can be obtained from current research methods. A basic knowledge of methodological issues, well summarized in the current volume, should help readers consider issues related to the design of experimental studies. Experimental data-collection cannot avoid the interference of language processing (cf. Pouscoulous et al. (2007)). The presentations in Part I will provide insights into how linguistic competence and language processing interact when either children or adults produce or comprehend language. Considering the likely interaction between linguistic competence and language processing, experimental results from a variety of experimental methods can be used to supplement the use of grammatical judgments, which have long been a major (and controversial) source of data in generative grammar. The use of various experimental methods may ultimately provide fresh perspective on adult linguistic competence; such as Han et al.'s (2007) insightful claim about a possible “split” in adult grammar, based on experimental data. It seems, therefore, quite possible that the current volume will offer an important contribution to the advancement of theoretical linguistics. Moreover, Part II serves as a well-organized introduction to those readers not yet familiar with research projects which require comparisons between subject groups from different linguistic backgrounds. The compact and clear presentation(s) in each chapter should be of great help for researchers and students in various linguistic fields who have not yet received extensive training in experimental methods.

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