Fundamental and Clinical Studies of Ceftizoxime Suppository in the Pediatric Field

Yoshitake Sato, Satoshi Iwata, Hironobu Akita, Takayasu Murai, Masahiro Ihara, Tadao Oikawa, Mitsuru Osano

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The fundamental and clinical studies of ceftizoxime suppository (CZX-S) in the field of pediatrics were made, with the following results. L The serum concentration of CZX in the CZX-S 250 mg-administered group peaked 6.00~22.5µg/ml during the period of 15 minutes to 1-hour after dosing, and gradually declined thereafter. The half-life was 1.37~3.81 hours. In the CZX-S 125 mg-administered group, the serum concentration peaked 2.25~21.0 jug/ml at 15~30 minutes after dosing and decreased with time. The half-life was 0.95~1.84 hours. 2. The 6-hour urinary recovery rate of CZX in the CZX-S 250 mg group was 22.0~47.5%. The 6-hour urinary recovery rate in the CZX-S 125 mg group was 17.2~25.3%. 3. CZX-S was given 12~73 mg/kg/day (devided into 1~3 times) to 7 children with respiratory tract infection etc. who were considered to respond well to the drug. The clinical effectiveness rate was 100% inclusive of “excellent” and “good”. 4. The side effect of pain on insertion was encountered in 1 child.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2877-2888
Number of pages12
Journalthe japanese journal of antibiotics
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 1985

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