Fusion of horizons or confusion of horizons? Intercultural dialogue and its risks

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In 1998, the UN General Assembly designated the year 2001 as the UN Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations. It was an attempt to avert the purported "clash of civilizations," and to foster trust and cooperation among various nations to tackle some of the impending global and regional crises. To contribute to this UN-led movement, the author presented his ideas concerning how such a dialogue could or should take place on two occasions: at the UNU International Conference on Global Ethos and at the UNESCO International Conference on Dialogue Among Civilizations: Democracy and East Asian Traditions. In this article, he exposes the double-edged nature of global dialogue as well as the risks and dangers that must be avoided for a dialogue to become meaningful.

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  • Dialogue of civilizations
  • Global ethic
  • Human rights
  • Nationalism
  • Politics of recognition

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