Intraindividual dynamics of transcriptome and genome-wide stability of DNA methylation

Ryohei Furukawa, Tsuyoshi Hachiya, Hideki Ohmomo, Yuh Shiwa, Kanako Ono, Sadafumi Suzuki, Mamoru Satoh, Jiro Hitomi, Kenji Sobue, Atsushi Shimizu

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Cytosine methylation at CpG dinucleotides is an epigenetic mechanism that affects the gene expression profiles responsible for the functional differences in various cells and tissues. Although gene expression patterns are dynamically altered in response to various stimuli, the intraindividual dynamics of DNA methylation in human cells are yet to be fully understood. Here, we investigated the extent to which DNA methylation contributes to the dynamics of gene expression by collecting 24 blood samples from two individuals over a period of 3 months. Transcriptome and methylome association analyses revealed that only ∼2% of dynamic changes in gene expression could be explained by the intraindividual variation of DNA methylation levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and purified monocytes. These results showed that DNA methylation levels remain stable for at least several months, suggesting that disease-Associated DNA methylation markers are useful for estimating the risk of disease manifestation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number26424
JournalScientific reports
Publication statusPublished - 2016 May 19
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