Yukihiro Ikeda, Annalisa Rosselli

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The idea of calling on historians of economic thought to reflect on the relationship between war and economics originated from a specific circumstance and a general feeling. The specific circumstance was the 100th anniversary of WWI, which renewed the interest of researchers in the place of war in our culture, in its many aspects. The general feeling was the impression that the delusion that humanity is progressing towards a totally peacefully era has come to an end. This optimistic view, nurtured by the long absence of gigantic conflicts on a global scale, seemed plausible to the generations born in the richest countries after WWII, who had never experienced war. However, in recent years, ethnic and religious conflicts, millions of refugees, the disintegration of whole states, resurgent nationalisms and the possibility of a new arms race have compelled us to acknowledge the fragility of peace. Unfortunately, war is not an outdated subject.1.

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