Tetsuya Higuchi, Tatsumi Furuya, Hiroyuki Kusumoto, Ken'ichi Handa, Akio Kokubu

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A description is given of an IXM machine for the parallel processing of large knowledge-based systems written in a semantic network language, IXL. The potential performance of IXM is thousands of times faster than conventional machines, as IXM can find all the solutions of the query simultaneously. IXM consists of a pyramid-shaped network (PYN) and 1000 processing elements (PEs). IXM utilizes 2000 concurrencies in the fundamental operations of the semantic network: association, set operation, and marker propagation. A network processor at each node of the PYN has an associative memory for parallel marker propagation. Each PE also has two types of associative memories; one for the parallel processing of association and set operation, the other for utilizing the parallelisms in IXL language interpreter described in nonprocedural instructions.

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EditorsHarold S. Stone
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Publication statusPublished - 1986 Dec 1
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