Lack of effects of inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis on local glucose utilization in the rat brain

Shinichi Takahashi, Michelle Cook, Jane Jehle, Charles Kennedy, Louis Sokoloff

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The effects of chronic treatment with N(G)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester, a potent inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase activity, on local cerebral glucose utilization were examined in conscious rats. Intraperitoneal injections of 50 mg/kg of the nitroarginine twice daily for 4 days have been found to result in almost complete inhibition of nitric oxide synthase activity in brain. Local cerebral glucose utilization was determined by means of the quantitative autoradiographic [14C] deoxyglucose method in en experimental group (n = 7) of rats that were treated with the nitroarginine according to this schedule and in a normal control group (n = 7) treated similarly with saline. The rats were conscious but partially restrained during the determinations of local cerebral glucose utilization. The nitroarginine treatment raised mean arterial blood pressure statistically significantly to 147 ± 3 mm Hg (mean ± SEM) from a level of 120 ± 5 mm Hg in the saline controls (p < 0.001 by grouped t test), but there were no statistically significant effects on glucose utilization in any of 39 brain structures examined. It is concluded that nitric oxide normally exerts no significant influence on energy metabolism in the rat brain.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)414-419
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Neurochemistry
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1995 Jul
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  • Cerebral energy metabolism
  • N(G)-Nitro-L-arginine methyl ester
  • Nitric oxide synthase
  • [C] Deoxyglucose

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  • Biochemistry


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