Long-term depression at parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses

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Long-term depression (LTD) at parallel fi ber (PF) -Purkinje cell (PC) synapses is thought to play an important role in cerebellar motor learning. LTD is mediated by postsynaptic AMPA receptor endocytosis. Concurrent activation of PF and climbing fi bers generates specifi c temporal and spatial Ca 2+ dynamics in PC dendritic spines leading to activation of signaling cascade required for LTD.

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Title of host publicationEssentials of Cerebellum and Cerebellar Disorders
Subtitle of host publicationA Primer for Graduate Students
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Publication statusPublished - 2016 Jan 1


  • Albus
  • Climbing fi ber
  • Long-term depression
  • LTD
  • Marr
  • Motor learning
  • Nitric oxide
  • Parallel fi ber

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