New bobtail squid (Sepiolidae: Sepiolinae) from the Ryukyu islands revealed by molecular and morphological analysis

Gustavo Sanchez, Jeffrey Jolly, Amanda Reid, Chikatoshi Sugimoto, Chika Azama, Ferdinand Marlétaz, Oleg Simakov, Daniel S. Rokhsar

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Bobtail squid are emerging models for host–microbe interactions, behavior, and development, yet their species diversity and distribution remain poorly characterized. Here, we combine mitochondrial and transcriptome sequences with morphological analysis to describe three species of bobtail squid (Sepiolidae: Sepiolinae) from the Ryukyu archipelago, and compare them with related taxa. One Ryukyuan type was previously unknown, and is described here as Euprymna brenneri sp. nov. Another Ryukyuan type is morphologically indistinguishable from Sepiola parva Sasaki, 1913. Molecular analyses, however, place this taxon within the genus Euprymna Steenstrup, 1887, and additional morphological investigation led to formal rediagnosis of Euprymna and reassignment of this species as Euprymna parva comb. nov. While no adults from the third Ryukyuan type were found, sequences from hatchlings suggest a close relationship with E. pardalota Reid, 2011, known from Australia and East Timor. The broadly sampled transcriptomes reported here provide a foundation for future phylogenetic and comparative studies.

Original languageEnglish
Article number465
JournalCommunications biology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Dec 1
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