S. Honda, H. Yamasaki

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Both vortex flowmeters and fluidic flowmeters form a family of the hydrodynamic oscillator type flowmeters, since the oscillation of wakes in vortex flowmeters and that of jets in fluidic flowmeters have geometrical and hydrodynamic complementarity. The objectives of this study are to propose a new hydrodynamic oscillator type flowmeter and to promote a unified approach to these flowmeters. Proposed flowmeters consist of a main nozzle and a bluff cylinder, so-called target, which is derived from feedback oscillator type fluidic flowmeters by eliminating both side walls based on a topological isomorphism between fluidic flowmeters and vortex flowmeters. Since the target which diverts the jet and generates alternate vortices is inevitable to the new oscillators, it is considered as a composite of vortex flowmeters and fluidic flowmeters. The rangeability of the proposed flowmeter appeared comparable to the original fluidic flowmeter.

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