New targeted approach to CRPC

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Our understanding of the heterogeneity and genetic characteristics of CRPC demonstrates underlying their complexity, which has been thought to be associated with their intractability. Recent advance of integrative next generation sequencing unveiled the extensive mutational landscape of metastatic CRPC, many of which can be a targetable mutation and been linked to ongoing clinical trials. Molecular stratification of patient groups will clearly be critical to successful drug development and clinical trials from the view point of precision medicine. In this review, we discuss the potential of new targeted approach to impact the clinical management of CRPC.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationHormone Therapy and Castration Resistance of Prostate Cancer
PublisherSpringer Singapore
Number of pages11
ISBN (Electronic)9789811070136
ISBN (Print)9789811070129
Publication statusPublished - 2018 May 11


  • AR signaling pathway
  • Cell-free DNA
  • Circulating tumor cells
  • CRPC
  • DNA repair pathway
  • Liquid biopsy
  • PI3K-PTEN-AKT-mTOR pathway
  • Precision medicine
  • WNT pathway

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