Overview of flood management actions and policy planning in Bangladesh

Gulsan Ara Parvin, Rezaur Rahman, Kumiko Fujita, Rajib Shaw

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Flood is a critical issue in Bangladesh. Regular flooding affects 20% of the country, increasing in extreme years. Various measures, policy planning and actions have been taken in different time period. Legislation and policy planning are essential for flood management, which should be guided by distinct policy, strategies, legal frameworks, and action planning. A review of legislative and institutional arrangements is required for effective and sustainable flood management. In this research, the evolution of flood management actions and policies is reviewed considering the related environmental and social changes. The approach to flood management is shifting to a more comprehensive risk reduction effort following environmental changes such as climate change. Extreme floods are increasing. The history of extreme flood management is short compared to that of annual flood management. However, extreme floods have significant impacts. Thus, a holistic approach by all stakeholders is encouraged. This review could help to examine how to increase local involvement in flood control and water management projects.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)423-443
Number of pages21
JournalInternational Journal of Public Policy
Issue number5-6
Publication statusPublished - 2018


  • Act
  • Action planning
  • Bangladesh
  • Climate change
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Flood
  • Flood management
  • Legislation
  • Local participation
  • Policy
  • Review

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