Overview of the DEMO conceptual design activity in Japan

The Joint Special Design Team for Fusion DEMO

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The requirements for Japanese DEMO are to demonstrate (1) steady and stable electrical power generation, (2) plant availability on a level relevant for commercialization, and (3) self-sufficiency of fuels. The DEMO design activity has been mainly focused on challenging DEMO design issues such as divertor heat removal, superconducting magnets, breeding blankets, remote maintenance and the water cooling system, in order to reach the systemic consistency toward a promising DEMO concept. The current status of the DEMO conceptual design activity is presented.

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JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Nov


  • DEMO
  • Divertor
  • Fusion reactor
  • Remote maintenance
  • Safety
  • Superconducting magnet

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