Photo-modulation of superconducting and magnetic properties

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In this chapter, photo-modulation of superconducting and magnetic properties is described. First, the superconducting property of a boron-doped diamond is investigated, in which the critical current density varies dramatically between the hydrogen- and oxygen-terminated diamond. Second, the superconducting diamond is modified with an azobenzene molecular layer to modulate the superconductivity upon photoirradiation. In this composite superconductor, the critical current density is reversibly amplified by 55% upon photoisomerization of the azobenzene layer. Third, Prussian Blue, a coordination polymer, is integrated with the semiconducting titanium oxide nanosheets to modulate the magnetic property upon photoirradiation. In this magnetic heterostructure, photoinduced magnetic phase transition of Prussian Blue is present by injecting photoexcited electrons from titanium oxide nanosheets.

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  • Magnetism
  • Photoswitching
  • Superconductivity
  • Thin films

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