Prenatal MR findings in a case of aneurysm of the vein of Galen

Nobuyoshi Kurihara, Keisuke Tokieda, Kazushige Ikeda, Kazuhiro Mori, Isamu Hokuto, Osamu Nishimura, Hitoshi Ishimoto, Yuji Yuasa

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We describe a case of aneurysm of the vein of Galen (AVG), which was diagnosed by intrauterine US, MRI and MRA. The baby girl was born at 35 weeks' gestation. She had severe clinical symptoms at birth and died at 29 h of age from intractable congestive heart failure. Intrauterine US detected an intracranial aneurysm and cardiomegaly due to excessive arteriovenous shunting. Intrauterine MRI (SSFSE) confirmed the diagnosis of AVG, and intrauterine MRA (2D-TOF) successfully demonstrated the anatomical structure of the AVG. MRA may be a useful additional sequence to evaluate AVG, and 2D-TOF is thought to be an appropriate technique for scanning fetal AVG.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)160-162
Number of pages3
JournalPediatric Radiology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2001
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