Relation of serum leptin to blood pressure of Japanese in Japan and Japanese-Americans in Hawaii

Yasuyuki Nakamura, Hirotsugu Ueshima, Nagako Okuda, Yoshitaka Murakami, Katsuyuki Miura, Yoshikuni Kita, Tomonori Okamura, Tanvir C. Turin, Beatriz Rodriguez, J. David Curb, Jeremiah Stamler

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Data from animal studies clearly indicate an association between leptin and hypertension; results of human studies are less concordant. We investigated the role of leptin in obesity-related higher blood pressure (BP) in Japanese Americans living in Hawaii and Japanese in Japan. Serum leptin and BP were examined by standardized methods in men and women ages 40 to 59 years from 2 population samples, one Japanese American in Hawaii (88 men and 94 women) and the other Japanese in central Japan (123 men and 111 women). Multiple linear regression models were used to assess role of leptin in obesity-related higher BP. Across quartiles of leptin, there were significantly higher mean body mass index levels, systolic BP, and diastolic BP for both sexes and sites (P<0.01 to 0.02). In multivariate regression analyses using all of the data combined, relations of body mass index and leptin to systolic BP and diastolic BP remained significant with the interaction term (body mass index×log-leptin) in the models (P<0.01 to <0.05). These findings are consistent with the inference that leptin may be an independent mediator for obesity-related elevations in BP.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1416-1422
Number of pages7
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2009 Dec
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  • Blood pressure
  • Body mass index
  • Japanese in Japan and Hawaii
  • Leptin
  • Mediator
  • Obesity

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