[Results of a questionnaire on efforts to increase research-oriented doctors].

Hiroyuki Yaginuma, George Matsumura, Chisato Mori, Takeyasu Maeda, Nobukazu Araki, Yasuko Noda, Kazunori Nakajima, Mitsuhiro Kawata, Shigeo Okabe, group for the future planning of the Japanese Association of Anatomists working group for the future planning of the Japanese Association of Anatomists

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We surveyed medical and dental schools to promote the exchange of information about university efforts to increase the number of research-oriented doctors. Periods in which students rotate through laboratories to conduct research were reported by more than two thirds of universities. Many comments asserted that these efforts are effective. However, a small number of respondents reported low student motivation and insufficient time for laboratory experience. MD-PhD courses, in which students take a leave of absence in the middle of undergraduate training and follow a PhD curriculum, have been employed by more than 10 universities. However, relatively few students have chosen such programs. Modified MD-PhD courses have recently been introduced by several universities. In these courses, by taking part of the graduate school curriculum in advance, undergraduate students can shorten the time they spend in graduate school. Students who take such courses are increasing. There were many opinions that extra positions and financial support for research-oriented doctors are effective and should be enhanced. There were also many opinions that emphasize the importance of identifying research-oriented students, improving laboratory working environments, attending academic meetings and inter-university consortia to maintain students' motivation, and promoting collaboration with departments of clinical medicine.

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Publication statusPublished - 2013 Mar
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