Services content of Japanese trade

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This paper investigates the scale of direct and indirect services trade, or services content, in Japanese trade between 1985 and 1995 using data from Japanese input-output tables. The empirical analysis revealed that the services content reflected the characteristics of the Japanese economy. The scale of research and development (R&D) services in total services trade has been much higher throughout the period than has the scale of other services. The R&D services content of Japanese merchandise exports amounted to US$ 27.0 billion in 1995, 84.3 percent of which was channeled through machinery exports. The R&D services content of Japanese machinery exports toward East and Southeast Asia grew rapidly, especially toward ASEAN countries. Our results confirm the importance of the traded-related international R&D spillovers.

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JournalJapan and The World Economy
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  • International R&D spillover
  • Services content
  • Trade in services

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