Sho-saiko-to-ka-kikyo-sekko as an alternative treatment for chronic tonsillitis to avoid surgery

Fumiyki Goto, Youji Asama, Kaoru Ogawa

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Sho-saiko-to-ka-kikyo-sekko (TJ-109) is composed of 9 herbs (gypsum, Bupleurum root, Pinellia tuber, Scutellaria root, Platycodon root, jujube fruit, ginseng root, Glycyrrhiza root, and ginger rhizome). It is a folk medicine that has been used to treat pharyngitis or acute tonsillitis. The efficacy of TJ-109 for treating patients with chronic tonsillitis was investigated. Ten outpatients who experienced chronic tonsillitis for more than 2 years were recruited. TJ-109 was prescribed, and after one year of daily treatment the incidence of acute tonsillitis before and after the treatment was compared. The incidence of acute tonsillitis due to chronic tonsillitis decreased in all 7 patients who were followed up. No adverse events were observed in any of the patients. In conclusion, the herbal medicine TJ-109 effectively reduced the incidence of acute tonsillitis. In some cases, planned tonsillectomy was avoided.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)216-218
Number of pages3
JournalComplementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2010 Nov 1


  • Case series
  • Chronic tonsillitis
  • Folk medicine
  • Herbal medicine

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