Skin Safety and Evaluation of a Cosmetic Series (KVD) for Sensitive Skin

Clinical Research Group of KVD

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Skin safety and clinical evaluation of a new cosmetic series (KVD) was made in 100 patients with contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis by patch testing and the usage test. The KVD series, intended to be hypoirritant and hypoallergic, were prepared by KOSÉ Corporation, for people with sensitive skin. It is composed of washing cream, cleansing cream, skin lotion, milk lotion, essence, cream, make-up base, powderfoundation, totaling in 10 cosmetics. Patch test results indicated that almost all of the cosmetics were safe and the rest permissible, evaluated by means of the irritation index. The results of the usage test (4 weeks) in 99 patients indicated that the series was safe, as only two patients stopped this trial due to side effects and the utility rate was high. The KVD series of cosmetics was thus concluded to be satisfactory for people who have sensitive skin.

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JournalSkin research
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1995
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  • KVD
  • cosmetics for sensitive skin
  • patch testing
  • usage test

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