Stability analysis of robust adaptive filter used in feedforward and feedback compensation

M. Kajiki, J. Xin, H. Ohmori, A. Sano

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This paper proposes robust adaptive algorithms for adjusting coefficients of an adaptive filter which is used for feedforward control together with a feedback compensator. The filtered-x algorithm which is widely employed in adaptive signal processing cannot always assure the stability. In this paper, stability-guaranteed adaptive algorithms are given in time domain and frequency domain on a basis of the strictly positive real property of adaptive systems in the presence of unknown disturbances. Time domain algorithms can be applied to an IIR or FIR adaptive filter, while frequency domain approaches use a structure of adaptive frequency sampling filter. Numerical simulations and experimentally obtained results exhibited significant improvement on convergency and stability of the proposed adaptive algorithms in application to adaptive active noise control.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)933-936
Number of pages4
JournalICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings
Publication statusPublished - 1995
EventProceedings of the 1995 20th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing. Part 2 (of 5) - Detroit, MI, USA
Duration: 1995 May 91995 May 12

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