Successful treatment with pazopanib for multiple lung metastases of inguinal epithelioid sarcoma: A case report

Sanae Irimura, Kazumasa Nishimoto, Kazutaka Kikuta, Robert Nakayama, Michiro Susa, Keisuke Horiuchi, Masaya Nakamura, Morio Matsumoto, Hideo Morioka

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Epithelioid sarcoma is a rare soft tissue sarcoma and usually resistant to chemotherapy. It has high rates of local recurrence and distant metastasis, and the prognosis after metastasis is poor. We report a case of multiple lung metastases of an epithelioid sarcoma originating in the inguinal area that we treated with the multikinase inhibitor pazopanib. The patient was a 38-year-old male who began to experience discomfort in his left inguinal area. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a tumor extended from the medial aspect of the wing of the left ilium along the iliopsoas muscle to its site of insertion on the femur. The histopathological diagnosis with a biopsy was proximal-type epithelioid sarcoma. Although a positron emission tomography examination showed fluorodeoxyglucose accumulation in the left inguinal tumor, there was no distant metastasis. Wide resection by a combined iliac resection procedure was performed. Twelve months after surgery, computed tomography revealed multiple nodules and a diagnosis of bilateral multiple lung metastases was made. Treatment with pazopanib 800 mg was started. After 2.5 months of treatment, a clear reduction in the size of the pulmonary metastases was shown. Thirty months after the start of pazopanib treatment, most of the metastases have disappeared, and no development of new lesions has been seen. Therefore, it appeared that pazopanib was capable of serving as one of the choices of therapeutic agents that should be taken into consideration for the treatment of advanced epithelioid sarcoma.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)378-384
Number of pages7
JournalCase Reports in Oncology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Epithelioid sarcoma · Treatment · Multikinase inhibitor · Pazopanib

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