Surgical outcomes in gastroenterological surgery in Japan: Report of the National Clinical Database 2011–2019

the National Clinical Database

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Background: We aimed to present the 2019 annual report of the gastroenterological section of the National Clinical Database (NCD). Methods: We reviewed 609,589 cases recorded in 2019 and 5,029,764 cases registered from 2011 to 2019 for the 115 selected gastroenterological surgical procedures. Results: The main features of gastroenterological surgery in Japan were similar to those described in the 2018 annual report, namely, that 1) operative numbers gradually increased in all procedures, except gastrectomy and hepatectomy, which decreased in these years; 2) in all eight major gastroenterological surgeries, the age distribution tended toward older patients; 3) the morbidity of esophagectomy, hepatectomy, and pancreaticoduodenectomy increased, but mortality was minimized in all procedures; 4) all eight major gastroenterological procedures have increasingly been performed under laparoscopy; and 5) board-certified surgeons were increasingly involved. These trends in recent years were more prominent in 2019. Conclusions: Thanks to the continuous cooperation and dedication of the surgeons, medical staff, and surgical clinical reviewers who registered the clinical data into the NCD, it is possible to understand the comprehensive landscape of surgery in Japan and to disclose new evidence in this field. The Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery will continue to promote the value of this database and encourage the use of feedback and clinical studies using the NCD, now and in the future. Generating further approaches to surgical quality improvement are important directions for future research.

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