Surgically treated gastric cancer in Japan: 2011 annual report of the national clinical database gastric cancer registry

The Registration Committee of the Japanese Gastric Cancer Association

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Background: The National Clinical Database (NCD) nationwide registry program of gastric cancer started in 2018. The purpose of this study was to report the treatment results of the NCD registry in the form of treatment results of the real world in Japan. Methods: Patients’ characteristics, tumor features, treatments, and outcomes were collected using a web-based data entry system. We analyzed the initial NCD database for data on surgically treated gastric cancer patients in 2011. Results: A total of 30,257 patients with malignant gastric tumors were enrolled by the NCD registry program from 501 hospitals in all 47 prefectures. Of these, the status of data entry was not approved in 8.8% of the registered data, and follow-up information was missing in 1.2% of the approved cases. Excluding 1777 cases, which were not resected for primary gastric cancer, 25,306 resected cases included 44.4% of stomach surgeries recorded in the NCD. The 5 year survival rate of the resected cases was 71.3% and the operative mortality rate was 0.41%. The stage-specific 5 year survival rates were as follows: 89.6% for stage IA, 83.8% for stage IB, 77.3% for stage IIA, 69.1% for stage IIB, 58.7% for stage IIIA, 44.1% for stage IIIB, 30.1% for stage IIIC, and 13.4% for stage IV. Conclusions: The NCD gastric cancer registry program demonstrated validity for database construction. The gastric cancer registry is expected to become a nationwide registry with the dissemination of data entry system and method in the NCD.

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