The European Union as Seen by Japan in an Age of Uncertainty

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Japan and the EU are natural partners, increasing their scope of cooperation. The main purpose of this chapter is to examine Japan’s changing perceptions of the EU, in light of the release of the EU Global Strategy of June 2016 and the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU. The Global Strategy talks a lot about Asia (particularly compared to the European Security Strategy of 2003) and shows more willingness to be engaged in Asian security, which is welcomed in Tokyo. However, Tokyo is deeply concerned about Brexit and its impact on EU–Japan relations. It will also adversely affect Japan’s perceptions of the EU, decreasing the EU’s profile as an international actor, particularly in the fields of foreign policy and security. Finally, this chapter examines the EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) as a new foundation of the relationship.

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