Validation of the Japanese Version of the Multidimensional Measure of Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors (FSSB-J)

Hisashi Eguchi, Yuko Kachi, Hayami K. Koga, Mariko Sakka, Masahito Tokita, Akihito Shimazu

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Objective: The aim of the current study was to validate the Japanese version of the family supportive supervisor behaviors (FSSB-J) measure. FSSB is conceptualized as a multidimensional, superordinate construct constituted of four dimensions: emotional support, instrumental support, role modeling behaviors, and creative work–family management. Methods: The Japanese translated and back-translated FSSB-J questionnaire was administered to 1,670 men and women aged 20–59 years who were registered with a Japanese online survey company in November 2017. Confirmatory factor analyses were performed to evaluate the factorial validity of the FSSB-J. Cross-time measurement invariance was tested using multi-group confirmatory factor analyses. Construct validity was assessed with the potential consequences of FSSB (e.g., work–family spillover, work engagement, intention to leave, job satisfaction, and psychological distress) and convergent validity was assessed using similar concepts (e.g., organizational justice and social support). Internal consistency and test–retest reliability were examined to evaluate the reliability of the four dimensions of the FSSB. Results: A series of confirmatory factor analyses using the multiple-group method revealed that the four-factor model fitted the data best. The latent factor structure demonstrated configural, metric, and scalar invariance across time. Construct and convergent validity were generally in line with expectations. Cronbach’s α coefficient and test–retest reliability were sufficient for each of the four dimensions of the FSSB. Conclusion: This study suggests that FSSB-J is an adequate measure of FSSB in the Japanese context.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2628
JournalFrontiers in Psychology
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Nov 22


  • Japan
  • psychosocial factor
  • scale validation
  • supervisor behavior
  • workplace
  • work–life balance

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