VATS lobectomy for lung cancer

T. Naruke, R. Tsuchiya, H. Kondo, H. Nakayama, H. Asamura

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Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery recognized that remarkable development and penetration have been seen in the recent history of general thoracic surgery. Seventy-nine cases of VATS lobectomy for lung cancer have been performed at the National Cancer Center Hospital during the last five years. Among these cases, a total of 17 conversions were made under the following circumstances: five for lymph node metastasis, four for pleural adhesion, three for bleeding, two for lowering O2 saturation, two for autosuture trouble, one for severe inflammatory hilar node. The primary site of the total 62 VATS lobectomy cases were as follows: 26 in the right upper lobectomy, four in the right middle lobectomy, 15 in the right lower lobectomy, 10 in the left upper lobectomy, six in the left lower lobectomy, and one in the right upper and left upper lobectomy. The pathological stage classification of these 62 VATS lobectomy cases were 45 of T1NOMO, 15 of T2NOMO, and one each of T4NOMO and T2NOM1, respectively. Regarding the 17 converted cases, the pathological stage classification were nine of T1NOMO, five of T2NOMO, and one each of T3NOMO, T1N2MO, and T1N2M1, respectively. Concerning the prognosis, two out of 62 VATS lobectomy patients and two out of 17 converted patients died within three years, which can be proved by the following figures of the survival rate: 94.1% in VATS lobectomy and 75.8% in conversion. Furthermore, the 45 cases out of 62 VATS lobectomy were proved to be alive with no evidence of disease. Oncological lymph node sampling is necessary to perform VATS lobectomy for lung cancer. Early results indicate that video thoracoscopic lobectomy is a safe and effective procedure for selected peripheral type of Stage 1 lung cancer. Further evaluation and prospective studies are indicated.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)33-40
Number of pages8
JournalAsian Journal of Surgery
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1999 Jan 1
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