A brief survey of current work on network attached peripherals: (Extended abstract)

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Work on network-attached peripherals (NAPs) can be divided into essentially three areas - device interfaces and protocols, multimedia use and mass storage use. This paper is an extended abstract reviewing some of the current work and provides references and WWW pointers to many of the projects. The impact of this technological advance on operating systems is discussed. The primary purpose of this paper is to broaden understanding of the advantages and pitfalls of NAPs and encourage further research in the design and use of network-attached peripherals and NAP-capable systems. An expanded form of this document 1 is available on the web or from the author. 2 1 http://www.isi.edu/~rdv/netstation/nap-research/index.html2 This research was sponsored by the Advanced Research Projects Agency under Contract No. DABT63-93-C-0062. Views and conclusions contained in this report are the authors' and should not be interpreted as representing the official opinion or policies, either expressed or implied, of ARPA, the U.S. Government, or any person or agency connected with them.

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