A structure of bilateral control systems based on grasping/manipulating control scheme

Ryogo Kubo, Atsushi Kato, Toshiaki Tsuji, Kouhei Ohnishi

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In this paper, we present a control scheme of grasping and manipulation using mode transformation and a four-channel grasping/manipulating controller based on the control scheme. A second-order discrete Fourier transform (DFT) matrix is utilized as a mode transformation matrix. By means of the control scheme, a grasping controller and a manipulating controller can be designed independently in a grasping mode and a manipulating mode, respectively. In addition, we also propose a novel control method that combines the four-channel bilateral controller and the four-channel grasping/manipulating controller. This proposed controller makes it possible to select a proper mode depending on each situation, for example, bilateral grasping control. In the bilateral grasping control system, the manipulating mode is position-controlled locally in each side (master side and slave side), and the grasping mode is controlled bilaterally between master side and slave side. The validity of the proposed methods is shown by the experimental results.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2007

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