Achieving moderate fairness for UDP flows by path-status classification

Yoshito Tobe, Yosuke Tamura, Anastasio Molano, Sourav Ghosh, Hideyuki Tokuda

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In this paper, we propose a scheme of rate control for continuous UDP flow with moderate fairness. First, per-packet Relative One-way Trip Time (ROTT) of a UDP stream at a receiver on the Internet is investigated extensively, and it is found that spikes with successive plots, which we call spike-trains, often appear on a time-ROTT graph. Also, congestion-related losses are found to be strongly correlated only to the spike-trains and the path status is effectively identified by such spike-trains. Based on these observations, a rate control with moderate fairness using the path-status, PAth-STatus-based RAte control (PASTRA), is presented. The effectiveness of PASTRA in achieving moderate fairness for UDP streams on the Internet is demonstrated.

ジャーナルConference on Local Computer Networks
出版ステータスPublished - 2000

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