Advanced oscillation mixing method for improving the cooling uniformity in quenching

Hiroyuki Hoshino, Hiromitsu Murakami, Hideo Yokota, Satoshi Suda, Hideki Tsuge, Koichi Terasaka, Toshiaki Wakabayashi

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In quenching, the cooling uniformity is most important to diminish distortion occurring on work pieces. As a trial to accomplish uniform cooling, therefore, there exist various mixing methods of a quenchant and the quenchant circulation with an external pump has so far been the well accepted mixing method. However, this study proposes an advanced oscillation mixing method that can improve more the cooling uniformity in quenching. The proposed method includes a stirrer in oscillating motion, so that the simultaneous oscillating and mixing movements of the stirrer are considered to provide effectively the uniform cooling characteristics for the quenchant. In comparison with the case of the circulation pump mixing, the investigation using the oscillation mixing method has demonstrated the following two experimental facts: (1) the short vapor blanket stage caused by the quick breakage of the oil vapor blanket and (2) the reduced variation of the quenching distortion.

ジャーナルCailiao Rechuli Xuebao/Transactions of Materials and Heat Treatment
出版ステータスPublished - 2004 10月 1

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