An integrity check for the conflict origin AS prefixes in the inter-domain routing

Kengo Nagahashi, Hiroshi Esaki, Jun Murai

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In the Internet, the routing system consists of the Interior-domain and the Inter-domain. Within the Inter-domain routing. Autonomous System (AS) represents the administrative network domain, which is managed by a single institution with its operational policy. ASs exchange the ASs' reachability information to each other. Without the Inter-domain routing scheme, the nodes in the Internet can't communicate across the multiple ASs. The Inter-domain routing is an essential functional element in the global Internet operation. However, due to several reasons such as miss-configuration at the routers, the Inter-domain routing becomes unstable. This occurs that one AS (say AS1) propagates the prefix that has been already assigned to another AS (say AS2) and other peers receive its routing update and inject the misconfigured AS information to their peering routers. Since the routing information associated with AS1 is over written by AS2, AS1 loses the network connectivity. This problem is known as the Conflict Origin AS prefix or the Multiple Origin AS. We recognize that this is a serious problem which degrades the quality of Internet backbone infrastructure. We focus on this problem and propose the mechanism that can detect the Conflict Origin AS prefix automatically using the policy database. Based on the evaluation using the prototype system, we demonstrate that the proposed mechanism can work well with the existing Internet's Inter-domain routing system.

ジャーナルIEICE Transactions on Communications
出版ステータスPublished - 2003 2月

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