Analysis of Electric Properties of Chemically Adsorbed Multilayers on Solid Substrates

Norihisa Mino, Kazufumi Ogawa, Motoyoshi Hatada, Masahiro Takatsuka, Seimei Sha, Toyosaka Moriizumi

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Oriented multilayers were prepared from a chlorosilyl-type surfactant of 18-nonadecyltrichlorosilane (CH2CH(CH2)17SiCl3′ V-NTS) by repeated cycles of a chemical adsorption (CA) process and an electron beam irradiation (EB) process in an active gas atmosphere. Properties of the multilayers were studied by ellipsometry and current-voltage (I–V) measurement as a function of number of CA-EB cycles, n. The thickness of the CA multilayers as measured by ellipsometry increased with increasing n and reached a constant value, indicating that film material was lost by radiation damage during the EB process. For a CA monolayer and a CA multilayer obtained by 5 CA-EB cycles, the current did not obey the Ohmic law in the potential region up to 108 V/m but was governed by the space charge limited current (SCLC) law, while for those with 10 through 40 CA-EB cycles, the current obeys the Ohmic law in the same potential region, and then the SCLC law above 1 × 108 V/m. The breakdown voltage determined from J-E curves was found to be independent of CA film thickness.

出版ステータスPublished - 1993

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