Analysis of environmental surface data using scanning system constructed from the biaxial linear motors

Hiroyuk Nagai, Seiichiro Katsura

研究成果: Conference contribution


This paper proposes the evaluation method of environmental surface, which is based on haptic information. In recent years, haptics is attracted attention as the third multimedia after auditory and visual information, and haptic information is expected to apply various fields. To reproduce the haptic information which human feels, the environmental surface data is needed. However, conventional research about haptics of environmental surface is based on modeling, and it is constructed by the numerical approximation of the real world environment. Therefore, it seems that there is the difference between the haptic information in virtual world and it in the real world. To reproduce the real world environment, it is needed to extract accurate haptic information from the real world. In this paper, the scanning system which is constructed from the biaxial linear motors is used. The force control and the position control based on DOB and RFOB is implemented in this system. Using this system, the environmental surface data which covers the bandwidth that human feels is obtained. Then, the mutual impedance is proposed as the characteristic of the environmental surface. In this paper, an availability of the proposed method is verified by experiments. By the proposed method, the characteristic to evaluate the environmental surface data is defined as the mutual impedance.

ホスト出版物のタイトルProceedings of SICE Annual Conference 2010, SICE 2010 - Final Program and Papers
出版社Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE)
出版ステータスPublished - 2010 1月 1


名前Proceedings of the SICE Annual Conference

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