Analysis of Tungsten Transport in JT-60U Plasmas*)

Yusuke Shimizu, Takaaki Fujita, Hideki Arimoto, Tomohide Nakano, Kazuo Hoshino, Nobuhiko Hayashi

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In JT-60U plasmas, increasing the toroidal rotation opposite to the plasma current (CTR rotation) enhances tungsten accumulation. Hoshino et al. have proposed two pinch models (i.e., PHZ pinch and Er pinch), which account for the effects of toroidal rotation and the radial electric field, respectively. We introduce them to the integrated transport code TOTAL. We study the dependence of tungsten accumulation on the toroidal rotation in TOTAL simulations of JT-60U plasmas. Because the assumptions of the Er pinch model are incompatible with the experimental conditions, we study the effect of the PHZ pinch only. The tungsten accumulation was four times higher at high toroidal rotation velocity than at low toroidal rotation velocity, replicating the experimental trend. The tungsten accumulation in the PHZ pinch model was 1.4 - 2.2 times higher than predicted by neoclassical transport only.

ジャーナルPlasma and Fusion Research
出版ステータスPublished - 2015

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