Application for regenerative medicine of epithelial cell culture-vistas of cultured epithelium

Hajime Inoue, Hideo Oshima, Kyo Ichi Matsuzaki, Norio Kumagai

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This review describes culture techniques for the epithelial system as well as trends in the clinical application of cultured keratinocytes in our department and the possibility of applying the techniques to other organs. Cultured epithelium and cultured dermis in particular have considerably preceded regeneration of other organs in the field of regenerative medicine. Since 1988 we have grafted cultured keratinocytes by the Rheinwald-Green modified method in at least 500 patients with large skin defects. As a result of the establishment of a culture technique for individual patients, it is now possible to prepare enough regenerated epithelium to cover the body surface area of as many as 10 adult patients in approximately three weeks after collecting 1 cm2 of skin, and then remaining cultured keratinocytes can be cryo-preserved for two-stage dermatoplasty at another site. This procedure makes it possible to avoid frequent skin collection from the same patient and thereby improves patients' quality of life and activities of daily living. On the other hand, to solve the problem of regenerated epithelium shrinking and problems with graft efficiency on dermis defect lesion, we have developed a proteinase-resistant regenerated dermis by mixing a certain protein with a fibrin scaffold. Recently we also took the initiative in grafting hybrid-type regenerated trachea in an animal experiment by using the epithelial and dermal cell culture technique, and some results of the graft were obtained.

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