Arteriovenous malformation on the sole of the foot treated successfully by embolization

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Arteriovenous malformations of the sole of the foot are rare and can cause disturbances in normal living activities. We report a case of a plantar arteriovenous malformation in a 24-year-old male with pain and difficulty in walking. The arteriovenous malformation was complex, with a large and poorly marginated nidus, so we considered that with surgical resection, walking disabilities would be inevitable. When surgical removal of vascular mass is difficult, embolization alone can be effective. Therefore, he was treated with 4 therapeutic embolization procedures. Transvenous approaches to the venous sac and direct punctures of the nidus was performed. The nidus was successfully eradicated by embolization using alcohol, resulting in the disappearance of associated symptoms. Appropriate imaging is essential for diagnosis and evaluation of treatment. We were successful in achieving improved quality of life and satisfaction for a rare and difficult case by percutaneous embolization and sclerotherapy.

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