Association of serum BDNF concentration with high-intensity interval training

Koichiro Azuma, Yusuke Osawa, Shogo Tabata, Shiori Horisawa, Fuminori Katsukawa, Hiroyuki Ishida, Yuko Oguma, Toshihide Kawai, Shuji Oguchi, Atsumi Ota, Haruhito Kikuchi, Mitsuru Murata, Hideo Matsumoto

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To evaluate the association of serum BDNF concentration with high-intensity interval training, 12 healthy male volunteers, aged 28-48 years, completed 16-week high-intensity interval training (HIIT) using ergometer. Training program consisted of >90% VO2 peak for 60 sec separated by 60 sec active rest period for 8-12 sets twice weekly for 16-week. Maximal exercise tolerance tests were performed before (0-week), 4-week, and 16-week after the intervention program. VO2 peak as well as peak watt was linearly increased after 4-week (9% for both VO2 peak and peak watt) and 16-week HIIT training (15% for VO2 peak and 18% for peak watt, p<0.01). However, there was no change in serum BDNF concentration by HIIT. On the other hand, there was a positive association of serum BDNF concentration at baseline with % increase in peak watt after the intervention (ρ=0.60, p<0.05). The association between BDNF and exercise training is still unclear, and more studies are needed to clarify the above positive association.

ジャーナルJapanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
出版ステータスPublished - 2015

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