CineGrid: Super high definition media over optical networks

Paola Grosso, Laurin Herr, Naohisa Ohta, Paul Hearty, Cees De Laat

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The special issue of Future Generation Computer Systems reveals that CineGrid is an international non-profit organization whose members focus on the research, development, and demonstration of networked collaborative tools to enable the production, use, and exchange of high quality digital media over photonic networks. The aim is to apply methods and technology as developed in data-driven e-Science to the field of digital cinema and high quality media in the creative sector. The special issue will guide readers through some of the experiences gained using photonic networks for the transport of high quality digital media for the organization's experiments. The issue also presents a few applications for Super High Definition visual media investigated by the CineGrid researchers, such as digital cinema, cinematic quality telepresence, and tiled displays.

ジャーナルFuture Generation Computer Systems
出版ステータスPublished - 2011 7月

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